Whyalla, south australia

Unearth unforgettable experiences; Whyalla offers natural wonders contrasted with industry in vivid landscapes, aquatic serenity, sea life and great adventures.  

Located on Eyre Peninsula’s Spencer Gulf in South Australia, Whyalla is an important hub and the region’s biggest city for retail shopping. Whyalla boasts a warm climate, accessible ocean shores and saltwater fishing. Whyalla represents South Australia’s foremost combination of industrial and nature-based experiences. With vivid scenery, small city charm, distinctive mystic outback landscapes and year-round things to do, Whyalla offers discovery, unique Australian natural wonders and absolute contrast in nature based and industrial activities. Activities that are significant to the landscape and geography of the region that will enthral and gratify those looking to unearth and experience learning, adventure time and witness unrivalled sights and happenings. 

You will be awed by the dramatic events and vivid colours and textures that shape Whyalla. Witness the spectacle the Whyalla steelworks and learn about the transformation of ore into steel; wonder at the antics of the local resident dolphins and feel the sand between your toes when searching for a delicious meal of fresh crab off the Whyalla Foreshore beach.

Witness the camouflage and colourful mating rituals of Whyalla’s distinctive giant cuttlefish; Relax within the ocean and wonders of the unique Northern Coastline and beaches on the tranquil Spencer Gulf, set against backdrop of the ancient Southern Flinders Ranges. 

Check out the video below and discover some of the many reasons why you should Unearth Your Next Step in Whyalla!



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