whyalla's 2019 cuttlefest

running from june - august Whyalla’s Cuttlefest continues to grow with some exciting new features on the table for 2019

Along with an increase in supervised snorkels from the Stony Point cuttlefish site, there will be host of events, activities, art, information sessions and an inaugural opening ceremony on June 1 at the Whyalla foreshore.



The City of Whyalla is working with Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries (EMS), Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula (NREP), Department for Environment and Water (DEW) marine parks, South Australia Tourism Commission (SATC), local dive operators and the community to put together a big program for this year’s event between June and August. A highlight of Cuttlefest remains the EMS Community Snorkel Tours off Stony Point.

The Giant Australian Cuttlefish (Sepia apama which is part of the cephalopod family) swarm into rocky areas off the Whyalla coast during June, July and August to mate (aggregate) and lay their eggs. It is the only known location this happens in the world, making it an amazingly unique experience in the shallow waters off our coast.


Giant Cuttlefish and many species of fish and sea creatures abound in the unique marine habitat off the coast of Whyalla


The full program of events for Cuttlefest 2019 will be released in May. Bookings are, however, now being taken for the EMS Community Snorkel Tours by going to https://www.emsau.org/cuttlefest-2019/ with an early-bird offer until May 24.

For more information stay tuned on whyalla.com or contact the
Whyalla Visitor Information Centre on 1800 088 589




Full price adults - $99

Full price kids - $49.50

Full price family – 2 adults and two kids - $249



Promotional code: OWNGEAR2019

Save 75% (save $74.25). Bring your own wetsuit and snorkel gear and pay only $24.75

Number of tickets – unlimited. Expires May 31,2019



Promotional code: EARLYBIRD2019

Save 25% (save $24.75) Pay only $74.25

Number of tickets – 150


There is TOTAL closure on fishing for Cephalopods (including squid, cuttlefish & octopus) in the Point Lowly to Whyalla region (click here to see map). A TOTAL closure on fishing for cuttlefish also extends throughout the top of the Spencer Gulf - North of Arno Bay/Wallaroo until 15 February 2020.

Did you know?

  • Cuttlefish are colour blind. They have ‘w’ shaped pupils which are thought to allow them to see both behind and in front at the same time.
  • Cuttlefish are not actually a fish. They are a cephalopod (Greek for ‘head-foot’), and their feet, or tentacles actually connect to their head rather than their body.
  • Cuttlefish have blue blood, 3 hearts, 8 arms and 2 feeding tentacles.


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