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Whyalla Council News - October 4, 2018

Cadets from the Royal Military college - duntroon will be in whyalla in november for a peacekeeping, humanitarian and disaster relief scenario

Whyalla Mayor Lyn Breuer and Council CEO Chris Cowley have received a briefing from military officers on November’s Exercise Binh Ba in Whyalla.

Officially Battle Block 1D (BB1D), Exercise Binh Ba is named after an Australian battle in the Vietnam War. It will be the final exercise the staff cadets (SCDTs) of the Royal Military College of Duntroon (RMC-D) will perform before graduating as lieutenants in the Australian Army.

Running from November 15 to November 23, it is based around a peacekeeping, humanitarian and disaster relief scenario where the cadets will be required to operate within the mock destabilised civilian population and war torn region of Whyalla.

It is a similar exercise, but shorter in duration, to the one carried out by RMC-D in November last year.

Mayor Lyn Breuer welcomed the reconnaissance visit to Whyalla earlier this month and November's exercise.

"We welcome these exercises in Whyalla with open arms,” Mayor Breuer said.

“They are great for our region, great for our armed forces and I think most people really enjoy seeing these fine young people going about their training in our city.

“They provide a boost for our economy and a real buzz around town as we get to see the vital work these young staff cadets do in protecting our country and serving our nation.”

The cadets will have a main base at Jubilee Park with other smaller bases around the city where they will have platoons with up to 30 cadets. There will be some firing of blank ammunition and large vehicles moving around town.

Mayor Breuer said she had received some feedback from the community about empty shells being left on the ground after the last exercise and had raised this issues with the advance party during their meeting.

“The officers assured me they will be making sure all these empty shells are cleaned up,” Mayor Breuer said.

“If the last time they visited is any indication, this is going to be wonderful exercise involving the community.

“The information provided by the army to us and the community is very much appreciated and will make for another successful exercise.”

The RMC-D has issued the following information for the Whyalla community:


- The exercise will occur over November 15 to November 23 and is based around a peacekeeping / humanitarian and disaster relief scenario where the Staff Cadets (SCDTs) / officer trainees will be required to operate within the destabilised civilian population / war torn region of Whyalla.

- While faced with a complex enemy they will be required to provide security, restore law and order and provide humanitarian aid.

- The end state is the transition of law enforcement responsibilities and other government functions / essential service to civilian authorities.

- For context, this is the final exercise that the SCDTs will complete in their training at the Royal Military College – Duntroon prior to graduation and commissioning as lieutenants in the Australian Army.


- Our main base will be located at Jubilee Park with several smaller bases across the town where we will house platoons of up to 30 SCDTs.

- Various other locations around Whyalla will be used for our scenarios by day and night – these locations will be made known to the public through daily correspondence and leaflet drops.

- The activities we will conduct include foot and vehicle mounted patrolling, defence of critical infrastructure, vehicle check points, searches, clearances, support to local emergency services and key leadership engagements (meetings).

- Some activities will involve the firing of blank ammunition and there will be large vehicles moving throughout the town

- While we acknowledge there will be some disruption to the local population, it is our intent to keep this to an absolute minimum.

- Participation by the civilian population is 100% voluntary and is encouraged in order to increase the level of realism for the SCDTs.

- Community day for public to come and meet the soldiers and see some of the equipment will be Thursday November 22, 3-6pm at Jubilee Park. This will be confirmed.


- The RMC-D Facebook and Army pages are great resources which provide content specific to the Officer Commissioning Course undertaken by the SCDTs over 18 months.

- Facebook page – https://m.facebook.com/RoyalMilitaryCollegeDuntroon/

- Army page – https://www.army.gov.au/taxonomy/term/132


For more information on the Battle of Binh Ba go to:



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