Walk in the Saltmarsh with local Landscape Officer Barbara Murphy.

Have you ever seen the Haswell’s Shore Crab in his marsh burrow? Did you know that juvenile fish swim up tidal creeks on spring tides to feed on shore crab larvae? … what is a spring tide anyway?

Learn all about Temperate Coastal Saltmarshes, why this ecological community has a ‘nationally threatened’ status and what the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is doing to help. You will leave with a better understanding of this important ecosystem that forms a vital link between our land and oceans, and is a driver of food webs that feed marine life including our cuttlefish. Attendees receive a free Samphires of the Eyre Peninsula plant identification book and will be able to use this on the walk and on their own forays to identify some of the fascinating salt tolerant samphire plants found growing in our local saltmarshes.

When: Friday, July 9 and Tuesday July 12 at 11an

Where: Cowleds Landing Sanctuary Zone (Eight-Mile Creek)

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For a sneak preview of what you will see on the tour watch the Secrets of the Saltmarsh film.



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