artie  is our new mascot

thanks to everyone who suggested a name for our 2018 wHYALLA UNEARTH FESTIVAL mascot.

We have a name for our 2018 Whyalla uneARTh Festival mascot thanks to Rebecca Gow – welcome to the uneARTh world ARTie.

We asked Whyalla to come up with a name for the uneARTh Festival mascot beautifully made by our own Pete Santucci. We had a stack of suggestions and it was a tough task for the judges.

There were some great suggestions with Rusty being a big contender. Frank (furt) was a good one, as were Steely, Dig the Dog, Spark Pug, Chew Barka and Waylla the Dog. We even had plenty of people thinking it should be Pete after its creator - Pete was very flattered.

The award for the cutest could go to Rachel Barlow’s four-year-old who suggested Princess Nunkey. If we happen to get a female version of the dog … that will be her name!

But it was Rebecca’s suggestion that resonated with the judges. It built in the “ART” of the uneARTh Festival and is a short, sharp and sweet name that really encapsulates what the festival is all about … arty and exciting.

Rebecca wins for herself a double cinema pass to the Middleback Arts Centre.

So look out around town as ARTie starts to pop up here and there in the lead up to the 2018 Whyalla uneARTh Festival on March 30-31.

Thank you to everyone that entered a name in this competition. Here’s the list of entries and their suggestions:


Michael Evans: D for; Elaine Marks: Fabsteel; Hellene Heron: Dig the dog...dig a little deeper and uneARTh Whyallas treasures; Andrea Paris: Poppy after our dog who went to doggy heaven last month; Rebecca Gow: ARTie; Jack Davis: Drusty, mixture of dust and rust; Rachel Barlow: My 4 year old says "princess nunkey" my 7 year old says "chips"; Brett Osborn: Barney, short for Barngarla; Dave James: Rusty, because thats what it'll be over time; Lyn Breuer: How about Pete the dog after the artist; Gen Gordon: Looks like Stephen Stanley old dog Defer D fer Dog; Alexander Robinson: Colin; Robert Golding: Frank (furt); Jacob Hughes: Jacob; Emily Fielding: Mutt; Emily Fielding: Blade; Cheryl Lisiak: Steelo; Gen Gordon: Alexander the Great; Tina Franklin Wagner: Pupwards; Marie Elaine Ellis: Waylla the dog; Colby Krawczyk: Barnaby; Kylie Cresswell: Wagalla; Harry Marks: Hot dog; Sandra Walsh: Iron Maiden; Alison Friel Nicholls: WhyArt; Gen Gordon: FIFO; Damien Maslin: James the dog; Simon Thorpe: Tom; Alexander Robinson: Findo; Tanya Eversen: Steely or Rusty; Brett Osborn: Doggo; Emma-Jo Brown: Windy; Trevor Beck: Peter; Carl Church: Rusty; Matthew Brawn: Wally; Kerrie Ann: Spark Pug; Kerrie Ann:  Tinny; Kerrie Ann: Chew Barka; Tamryn Wall: Red from Red Dog; Elaine Marks: Fabsteel; John Smith: Steelcap; Damien Allen: Tucipo; Bianca Karen Babidge Henderson: Rusty; Trudy Baker: Meyli; Lydia Arundell: Snags; Coralee N Paul: Diesel; Barbara Drechsler: Steely; Joseph Eades: Pete the Pooch; Jade N Justin: Grund Doug; Chris Cowley: Rusty; Jenice Currie: Dudley; Alan Phillips: Pete; Kevin Hughes: Ridi; Tina Marie Murray: Rex; Janet Hewett: Rusty; Diane Hugo: Destiny Dawg; Hayden: Pluto; Ian: Squeek; Emily: Blue; Rosalie: Rustee Steel; Mikayla: Bubbles; Ruby: Max; Ann: Prince Liberty; Emily: King Stanley; Nicole: Poppy; Erin: Rowdy; Ryce: Bella; Hayden: Untath



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